Amber and Linzie are live-action people. They're besties. Amber is Peppa's babysitter and Linzie is George's babysitter.


File:Amber.png Amber is Peppa's babysitter. She gives her wedgies and says "Linzie, you're my bestie." That was revealed in The Babysitters. She is portrayed by Tara Strong.


File:Linzie.png Linzie is George's babysitter. She gives George ice cream, lasagne, spaghetti, pizza, a sandwich and cookies. She is Amber's bestie. (which was revealed in The Babysitters). She is portrayed by Tara Strong.




Amber: Please don't make me money. Amber: Go away. Amber: I'm actually a good babysitter. Amber: Linzie. LINZIE! LINZIE, OLD PAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linzie: No, no, stop, George, stop. Amber: Peppa? Linzie: Mew. Linzie: No one's cuter than me! Amber: Hi, Linzie! The ice cream sure looks yummy. Amber: So me how you eat lasagne. Amber: Holy manakonya! Lasagne? Amber: Mmmm, spaghetti? Amber: Hey, everybody pizza's here! Amber: My, sandwich! Amber: The true logo been. Amber: Mmmm, leftovers! Amber: I would have 20 cookies instead.

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