File:Burger King Chicken Nuggets TV Spot, 'Nick at Nite: How I Met Your Mother'

About This CommercialEdit

  • Description: Enjoy 10 Burger King Chicken Nuggets while watching How I Met Your Mother on Nick at Nite.
  • Advertiser: Burger King
  • Agency: Horizon Media
  • Mood: Active
  • Screenshots:

People, Places & ThingsEdit

  • Actors: Jonah Ray Plays Bigfoot
  • Songs: None have been identified for this spot.


  • Featured Product: Burger King Chicken Nuggets $1.49 for ten.

Commercial Airing DataEdit

  • Last Aired: Monday, November 17, 2014 3:14 AM ET
  • Last Aired On: Nickelodeon
  • Last Aired During: Friends
  • Type: National
  • Number of Versions: 2
  • National Airings: 11

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