Season 1, Episode 1 b
Air date February 19, 2014
Written by Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block
Production # 101b
Hot Lava Shower

Cookironi is the second episode from the first season of Mixels.



The Mixels have plenty of Cookironis... UNTIL THEY DON'T!!! MAXES TO THE MAX!!.


The Mixels eat Cookironis (a combination of cookie and macaroni). Zorch comments that the Cookironis are crazy awesome. Volectro says he loves Cookironis and eats his. Krader says he wants more. Flain says he's got plenty of them, but he looked in the box and screams. He yells that it is the last Cookironi.

Krader goes to the Mine and is about to eat the Cookironi. Zorch grabs it and is about to eat in Mixel Park. Later, he gets attacked Shuff, who gets punched by Vulk. Vulk saw some light and it came from Zaptor. Zaptor's electricity zaps Vulk and made him land on a rock. Zaptor grabs the cookironi. The Cragsters Max to get the cookironi. This scared Zaptor. He ran and ran and ran until the other Electroids found the cubit and the Electroids Max. Off-screen, the Infernites Max and spies the Cookironi. The Infernites Max, Cragsters Max, and the Electroids Max hit each until they split.

Zorch says it was so much fun. He was dizzy, he sat on (broke) the Cookironi which made the other Mixels frown.

Then, a Nixel eats a Cookironi. The Mixels spot him and the chase went on again.

Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Nixels (debut, no speaking role)


(After Zaptor hits Vulk with his electricity powers.)

Zaptor: "Cooki...ZZZZZZZZZ...Roni!!!"

(The Cragsters spot him and they do a bowling ball parody and they Max.)

Cragsters Max: "COOKIRONI!"


  • This is the first episode to feature Teslo, Zaptor, Volectro and the Nixels.
  • Volectro's voice is slightly higher when he loves Cookironis, as well as when he eats them.
  • Volectro attempts to grab stuff for the first time. He would later do so in Electrock and Changing a Light Bulb.
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