This is a list of those who died in the series, and those who are mentioned to have died before the events of series.

Before the seriesEdit

Season 1Edit


Peppa's SummerEdit

  • Abe - Eaten by a shark.

The ClonesEdit


  • Halloween Spirit - Eaten alive by Danny.

The Deep EndEdit


  • Miners - Some miners were taken and killed by the Pterodactyl.
  • Fairy - Accidentally killed by Danny Dog.
  • Baby Pterodactyl - Eaten by Grandpa Pig.

The DreamEdit

Season 2Edit


  • Little green men - Committed mass suicide after being discovered.
  • Lefty robot - Self-destructs after it is discovered to be a robot piloted by little green men.

Season 3Edit


  • Zombies - Many zombies are killed by Peppa, George, and Suzy. The rest were killed when the trio sang Dem Uncle Jokes causing the zombies' skulls to shatter.

The ButterflyEdit

Circle GuyEdit

  • Circle Guy - Deleted from existence when his game disc was melted.

Big Gift Shop of HorrorsEdit

Staring ContestEdit