Dr. Elephant is a doctor who helps Peppa, George & Mr. Dinosaur clean their teeth. He first appears in "The Dentist". He is voiced by David Shair.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

  • The Dentist: His first appearance & major role. He cleans Peppa, George & Mr. Dinosaur's teeth.
  • Apple and Blackberry Crumple: He is one of the citizens watching Daddy Pig get Mummy Pig down from the blackberry bush.
  • Snap Bracelets: He is one of the grown ups who watch Peppa and Daniel fight.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

  • What the What?!?!: His third major role. He helps Peppa for being scared of something.


  • Dr. Elephant is a dentist.

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