Madame Gazelle
Vital statistics
First Playgroup
Last Madame Gazelle's Leaving Day
Voice Rupert Degas (Season 1)
Hugo Harold-Harrison (Season 2)
Adam Long (Season 3)
Max Caizer (Season 4)
Relatives JiJi Gazelle (sister)
Powers Pencil
Weapons Wedding maridge guns
Fate Goes on a holiday at the beach after she leaves Playgroup.
Quote "Madame Gazelle, at your service."

Madame Gazelle is the teacher for Peppa Pig.


Season 1Edit

  • Sweating: Her first major role. She got home with Peppa and George to protect them from evil Mummy Pig.

Season 2Edit

  • The Butterfly: She gets a coffee break with her want to be boyfriend Mr. Pony. When she came back, the Butterfly emerged.
  • The Baby Piggy: She sees Baby Alexander and says it's much sweeter than George.

Season 3Edit

  • Madame Gazelle, You're Fired: Her second major role. She got fired from being a teacher at Playgroup. She also got fired from being the mayor, the president and the mistress of all evil and 12 hours later she later became a teacher again. 
  • The Glitch: She got on Peppa's computer at Computer Time and then when the computer glitches, the whole Madame Gazelle got sucked up in a black hole until the computer shuts down when Mr. Pony pulled the plug and didn't know it was Madame Gazelle.
  • Nissan: She helped Danny drive a car.
  • The Knights: She is dressed up as a knight and she named herself Lady Gazelle of Peppatown and want s her want to be boyfriend Mr. Pony to be her study partner.
  • The Kiss: She is about to kiss Mr. Pony, but Peppa karate chops her like Suzy told her too before they kiss.

Season 4Edit

  • Raj: She said Hello to Raj.
  • Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party: Her third major role. She is leaving playgroup to go on a holiday at the beach, because there is no Playgroup next week.