This aired during a SpongeBob SquarePants commercial break.


  • Nickelodeon Announcer: Can I have your attention, please?
  • [silence]
  • Nickelodeon Announcer: Do you wanna see new episodes of The Fairly OddParents?
  • Grandpa Turner: Yes.
  • Nickelodeon Announcer: Before they're on TV?
  • Cosmo: I think what she meant was... YEAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Nickelodeon Announcer: Then get the new Nickelodeon app and see new episodes of The Fairly OddParents!
  • Timmy Turner: [demonic voice] It's about power.
  • Nickelodeon Announcer: And you have the power to see it first on the new Nickelodeon app. The Fairly OddParents! New Episodes. And you can see it first on the Nickelodeon app. Available for free on your mobile device.

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