Peppa Pig: The Movie 2 is a 2012 film. It is a sequel to Peppa Pig: The Movie.


At 9:00pm, Mummy Pig (Olivia Munn) took Peppa (Fiona Bishop) and George (Cullen McCarthy) to their bedroom. Daddy Pig (Tom Kenny) is reading the newspaper. There was an earthquake. Grandpa Pig (Dee Bradley Baker) had been at news.

Later on, the earthquake had ended. Mummy Pig is on Facebook. Grandpa arrived at Peppa's house. He took him to his house. His wife Granny Pig died many years ago. Peppa and George cried for Granny Pig's death. Peppa and George stopped crying and told Grandpa Pig that they can watch television in the den. Grandpa said Yes. They did and every channel was blocked. George cried. The Nature Geek Channel is not blocked. George oinked. They watched The Antelope Show. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have come to pick up the children. Peppa and George say goodbye to Grandpa.

In the post-credits scene, when Goldie the Goldfish from the first film is alive.


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