Peppa Pig
Peppa image
The Disney Channel series


Action Superhero Science Fiction Dramedy


United States


Animated Series

No. of Seasons


No, of Episodes



Kyla Rae Kowalewski (Peppa)

Logan Grove (George)

Teresa Gallagher (Mummy Pig)

Dan Russell (Daddy Pig)

Kwesi Boakye (Darwin)

Sandra Searles Dickinson (Madame Gazelle)

Lewis MacLeod (Mr. Pony)

Anthony Hull (Anton)

Opening Theme

Performed by Peppa Pig

Followed by

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Peppa Pig was an American animated television series based on the live-action pigs of the same name. Because "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom" is based on this series, the series also featured the same voice actors as Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.

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