Do you know that show on Nick Jr called Peppa Pig? Well, I was the music composer for the show. One day, my pal Ryan messaged on Google+ telling me there was a Peppa Pig lost episode on YouTube!

I clicked on the link and the episode made me cry and I'll tell you why.

At first, the intro was different. It was in G-Major and it looked Black and White. The episode was named Emily Elephant's Revenge. What a weird episode. It'll cause Emily Elephant hardly appearing in any episode.

The episode started with Peppa playing with Suzy's toys. Weird. I've never seen Suzy merchandise on the show. Then, Emily Elephant appears and tries to shoot Peppa.

She punches Emily and runs and tells George. They go to the dumpster where Emily Elephant appears and spits on George.

Peppa says "Look out, George!" Emily Elephant stabs George. Emily came up to Peppa and said "You made me do this?!" She rips Peppa's arm off. She cries in pain as her arm hole is filled with blood. George cries and screams in pain while Emily repeatedly hits her with a shovel.

The episode ended with Peppa's parents at the girl's funeral. The episode made me cry, cause I loved Peppa Pig. She was an awesome character. I still watch Peppa Pig, and never saw something like this in the new episodes.

This was a episode made by the creators of Yes, Dear, and they made the episode graphic cause they hated the Pig duo. I will see you later, Blog.

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