Introducing the FilmEdit

  • [The bedroom, George is seated in front of the unseen camera.]
  • Peppa Pig: [as George] Hi, my name is azzaz-um... [sighs]
  • Peppa: [as George] Hi, my name is Peorge Gig. UGH! [starts over.] Hi, my name's George Pig, and this film, and this fil, film, AAH... CURSE WORD!
  • [Cut to Peppa cheering.]
  • Peppa: [normal voice] YES! YES! FINALLY! NAILED IT!
  • [She joins George and they hug.]
  • George: [as Peppa] Wait, is the light supposed to be on, when it's recording or..?
  • [Peppa and George sigh.]

The CastEdit

  • [Exterior of Playgroup.]
  • Peppa: [voice-over] This is my school, Playgroup! And this is the story of my life!
  • [cut to a shot of the Pigs, with Peppa holding a piece of cardboard stating the following.]
  • Starring....The Pigs as, The Pigs!
  • [Cut to Danny waving to Rebecca, who ignores him. He awkwardly high-fives himself. Peppa holds another piece of cardboard.]
  • Danny Dog as Danny!
  • [Cut to Mr. Pony at his office desk. He turns around and take his pair of glasses off his another pair. Peppa holds another peice of cardboard.]
  • Mr. Pony as The Principal.
  • [cut to a shot of the rest of the students behind Peppa.]
  • Introducing all my other friends in....Peppa--![sighs.] Ugh. Forget it, who's gonna watch that? [walks away from the camera.]

Commercial BreakEdit

  • [Cut to cardboard saying "Commercial Break".]
  • Peppa and George: Doodoodoodoodoo, commercial break!

Baby SuzyEdit

  • [Cut Suzy with a surly expression with Peppa rubbing her chin.]
  • Peppa and George: [singing voice-over] It's Baby Suzy, the living baby doll!
  • [Cut to Peppa and Suzy on the bed. Peppa is dressed up like a girl.]
  • Peppa: She likes to eat her cookie! [shoves cookie onto Suzy's face.]
  • Peppa and George: [singing voice-over] It's Baby Suzy, the living baby doll!
  • [Cut to George and Suzy at the dinner table. George is likewise dressed up, and is holding a baby bottle.]
  • George: [as Peppa] She likes to drink milk! [sticks baby bottle in Suzy's mouth.] She's really drinking it!
  • [Suzy spits out milk at George.]
  • Peppa and George: It's Baby Suzy, the living bab- [Interrupted, Suzy karate chops Peppa's head.]
  • Peppa: OW!
  • George: [as Peppa] Oh, forget it, man. Let's try something else.
  • Peppa: No, no, no! This gave me an idea.


  • [Cut to an alley full of trash.]
  • Peppa: [holding Suzy.] It's the anaihilator! [Suzy smashes the trash, making it fly in all directions.]
  • Peppa: With realistic kung-fu karate-chop action, she can break anything with her tiny haaand! [Suzy's head, being held by George, slowly comes up.]
  • Peppa: Nothing can resist her!
  • [Camera changes to what word is said, as Suzy karate-chops said items.]
  • Peppa: Cars!
  • Peppa: Trees!
  • Peppa: Bricks!
  • Peppa: Houses!
  • Peppa: Her own face!
  • [Cut to Peppa, George, and Suzy at a junkyard!]
  • Peppa and George: It's the Anaihilator!
  • [Cut to a TV with an explosion.]
  • Peppa and George: Doodoodoodoodoo, commercial break!

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